Assist in Home Repair In an Emergency.

Child Care

Provides Up To One Week Of Day Care During Your Emergency.

Elder Care

Provides Up To One Week Companion Care During Your Emergency.

Towing and Transportation

Provides Towing and Transportation During Your Emergency.


Provides Up To Five Meals Delivered to the Home.

It Takes A Village: In Critical Times, We Come Together

There are times in life when it may be necessary for a single parent to find emergency assistance in order to care for a loved one. Although many programs cater to single parents, helping them find assistance during times of financial crisis or abuse, few programs are concerned with helping single parents support their family during personal crisis, for instance providing a free cooked meal, free transportation, or free nanny service. That is until Moms Emergency Management Services (MOMS'EMS). We offer a one-stop shop for finding professionals for a variety of emergency concierge services. Our single working parents with membership relax when circumstances beyond their control separate them from children and elderly parents, and challenge their ability to protect loved ones. We take our corporate social responsibility seriously. MOMS’EMS supports efforts to highlight social issues such as stress management and heart disease through education. Our hope is that, by catering to your needs, we will help you enjoy a fulfilled and stress reduced, if not stress free, life.

Why Is The Need Now?

Statistically 90% of all single parents (mostly women) in America struggle with the day-in and day-out challenges that single parenting provides, including the stress factor of doing their best to fill every role. Caregivers worry about what will happen when they cannot take care of an elderly parent and require a sitter. Single parents worry about finding a nanny on short notice, when required to work longer hours by their job.

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Mission Statement

Moms Emergency Management Services (MOMS'EMS), a USA independent organization, works to resolve conflict and to build sustainable peace through providing emergency and non-emergency concierge services for elderly parents and single parents who need help protecting loved ones.

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